No matter what he played, whether it was baseball in the yard, or tennis, he had to come out ahead of everybody. If he’d been born next to a swimming pool he would have been a swimming champion. It just turned out to be chess.”
His dreams of wealth quickly slipped away, and he wrote, humbly: “I guess none of us were smart enough to pass inspection. It made interesting conversation while it lasted, anyway.”
“Fischer is the pragmatic, technical one. He makes almost no mistakes. His positional judgment is dispassionate; nearly pessimistic. Tal is more imaginative. For him, overconfidence is a danger that he must constantly guard against.”
Note: interesting to hear fischer's chess described as dispassionate
the sentiment among most people was: “What are they going to do, throw him in jail for ten years for moving wooden pieces across a chessboard?”
Note: yup.