The need for stable equipment disappears as our capacity for balance grows: as our inner gyroscope takes over the balancing act, we can remove the external supports.
Note: Brilliant insight, beautifully put.
The body follows the dictates of the mind. Hence the boat reacts to the rower's mind: when your mind quivers, so does your shell. Thought waves toss the hull. Conversely, a quiet mind levels the boat; stillness settles the body, and the shell, relaxing into agreement, takes the quietest, fastest route through the water.
Note: An oarsman's eloquent rumination on the power of the mind.
Errors ought to fascinate us. But to receive their message, we must be concentrating on our task, rather than ourselves. Nature withholds her lessons from those who gaze only inward. A mistake informs us about our endeavor, not ourselves; it illuminates a new aspect of what we must do to succeed. Failures are road signs —NOT THIS WAY — marking the route to success.
Note: In praise of errors:
Similarly, breathing an atmosphere of excellence can encourage us to follow through on projects and complete them.
Note: This is a great book to read as The Head of the Charles regatta approaches.