“We live in a world that is owned by men, designed by men, and managed by men—and yet we expect women to be active participants in it.”
What makes this package, product, space, design, or service “female-friendly”?
CONSIDERATENESS Here, I’m not talking about politeness, but about issues involving weight and muscle. Perhaps you have a female consumer inside your electronics store who would like nothing more than to purchase a large home-entertainment center, but is worried about getting it to her car or van, even though she took the seats out beforehand to accommodate the purchase.
Note: Here we should consider hat in Brazil most women do their shopping using public transportation, and therefore are expected to carry their bags and boxes that way.
At Envirosell, we’ve found there to be an element of what we dub “secondary shopping therapy” for the female Internet user. Even if she lives in a small hamlet far from some cutting-edge urban metropolis, a woman can window-shop the best of what’s happening in New York City or Los Angeles or Dublin or Tokyo, all via her Web browser. It’s like strolling through some fabulous, animated women’s magazine. She can gawk at stores and hotels and vacations, many of which may fall beyond her price range, and feel none the guiltier for it, or spied on, or self-conscious, or in any way implicated.
Note: It also gives broader references to her everyday life.