to the preservation of that same problem, as its institutional existence hinges on society’s continued need for its management. Bus
Note: This reminds me of schools and Ed policy- we preserve the problems so we are not irrelevant.
Deci’s Soma experiment found that payment for working with the puzzle depressed free choice for the same activity.
Note: External motivators depress free choice- this is critical for schools.
performance, improvements that persisted even after the verbal feedback ended. Verbal feedback seems like it should be just another extrinsic reward, like money. When it is genuine, though, and comes from someone the recipient respects, it becomes an intrinsic reward, because it relies on a sense of connectedness.
Note: Authentic verbal praise relies on intrinsic properties due to social connections.
Interpretations of those behaviors that focus on the technology miss the point: technology enables those behaviors, but it doesn’t cause them.
Note: Great quote for a tech preso