we use the word television to talk about all the various different parts of the bundle: industry, content, and appliance.
Note: 英文里 television 这个单词事实上代表了一大块内容的不同部分:电视产业,电视节目和电视播放设备。
All these things used to be separated into public media (like visual or print communications made by a small group of professionals) and personal media (like letters and phone calls made by ordinary citizens). Now those two modes have fused.
Note: 传统的媒体分公共媒体(由比较专业的媒体公司发布),和私人媒体(由普通市民产生,通过信件、电话等传播)。现在这两种模式混合了起来。我想一个典型的例子就是微博,国际新闻和好友的琐事在上面都是以同一方式被呈现的。
Like the owners of YouTube, the bar owner is in the curious business of offering value above the products and services he sells, value that is created by the customers for one another.
Note: 从某种角度讲 YouTube 和酒吧有点像。YouTube 实际上提供了一个视频存储和分享的平台,而酒吧则提供了酒、座位和打扫服务,它们提供的价值都比这些服务本身更高,这部分额外的价值则是来自于顾客的参与,尽管顾客没有因此赚钱。
A study of video games concluded that the principal draw for the players was not graphics and gore but the feelings of control and competence the players could attain as they mastered the game.
Note: Starcraft 1 :)