Place your projects along an energy line according to how much energy they should receive.
Note: This could make a great team dashboard.
a positive force for prioritization works across other industries as well.
Note: This nagging idea seems crazy. I don't like it at all.
As the TED Prize recipients come to the stage, one by one, to accept the prize and present their wish to the world, an audience of industry titans listens intently. Between each new presentation, a video rolls with an update on progress made in accomplishing the previous year’s wishes. The combination of an influential audience and updates on the progress of past wishes creates a very powerful yet unspoken sense of accountability for the new recipients. Every TED Prize recipient knows that, one year later, they will be showing their progress to the TED audience and the broader world.
Note: We could do this for DP
ROWE (Results Only Work Environment),
Note: What would this look like in my department?