founded—as much as possible—on the twin precepts of being well funded and involving the right people.
numbers, the people and the structure they operate in. The numbers—and more important, the people—have to work within a vibrant, organic, dynamically changing organization. Structures that had worked well for our start-ups weren’t holding up as the businesses grew larger.
“When you put your foot on the gas in this company, the car goes forward.”
Note: a very simple metric to understand how you are doing
His point is this: When a stone is dropped into the sea or a pond, the resulting ripples are no more or no less than the required reaction to the arriving object. The body of water has no interest in the motives of the stone thrower and takes no offense at the arrival of the stone—it simply reacts as physics dictates: absorbing the stone, producing ripples, then returning to its previous state.
Note: facts not stories