Imitation and learning are not themselves enough, however richly and ingeniously they are practised, to explain why human beings began changing in this unique way.
Note: so they aren't enough for memes either. are memes somehow captured in the connections more than in individuals?
If language is the key to cultural evolution, and Neanderthals had language, then why did the Neanderthal toolkit show so little cultural change?
Note: if so language is not sufficient to proper memes (ie that fulfil the conditions for evolution)
Indeed, it has the beautiful property that it does not even need to be fair. For barter to work, two individuals do not need to offer things of equal value. Trade is often unequal, but still benefits both sides.
Note: whereas reciprocal behaviour needs equality, we're wired to look for that
As the economist Haim Ofek has argued, fire itself is hard to start, but easy to share;
Note: like information