Sure enough, after I had finished, a man with a beard and a red baseball cap sauntered up to me. “Son,” he said, “Ah ’preciate you comin’, an’ Ah ‘greed with most of wut you said. But Ah must disagree with your position on so-called homosexual marriage.” He paused to hitch his jeans up his great belly, looking into the middle distance. “Far as Ah kin see, not bein’ under any pressure to git married is one of the main advantages Ah enjoy as a gay man.” Truly, I thought, America is an extraordinary
Even today, U.S. states in many ways enjoy more autonomy than whole nations within the European Union:
“Doing nothing is not an option!” intone politicians, as though hyperactivity were itself a solution. Is that phrase ever true? Doing nothing is always an option, and often it is the best option.
“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not