You may have picked up this book because you want to know the secret to my success. Well, my secret is that I live by three pretty simple rules: Love your family. Work superhard. Live your passion.
Note: I like how @garyvee starts his book with three simple rules... #crushit
It’s never a bad time to start a business unless you’re starting a mediocre business. I think economic downturns represent a huge opportunity for everyone to get their focus on and start to crush it. The person who can dominate during rough times is the person who can dominate, period.
Note: Simple, yet profound advice. Thanks, @garyvee! #crushit #leanstartup #startstarting
Tell me this: Is it a pdf of a tidy list of where you’ve worked and for how long, with a couple of strategic bullet points highlighting what you did in each job? Yeah? You’re toast. Keep your pdf so that the HR department has something for their files, but otherwise traditional résumés are going to be irrelevant, and soon. Even if they’re not yet, that résumé you’re so proud of looks exactly like the ones being waved around by the other three hundred analysts in your city currently hunting for jobs.
Note: Think you need a résumé to get your next job? Re-think, it's the 21st century. #noCV #crushit
There have always been people in every industry with hidden agendas, but now there is no place for them to hide.