Note: My cousin Becky married a man whose last name is Lovejoy. I've always thought it was a beautiful name, and when I wrote this story I decided it was a perfect fit for Celia.
Vicky McClutchy was the owner of McClutchy Toys.
Note: Vicky McClutchy's name came about because I loved the way it sounded and also how it looked on the page, with both the first and last name ending in "y."
Even though Celia said she couldn’t play, Paul wasn’t about to let it go.
Note: Some readers thought Paul was a little obnoxious, which surprised me. Personally, I like Paul's energy and I admire his tenacity.
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Vicky McClutchy?
Note: Lucky for me, both Jonathan and Vicky held grudges for a long time. It would not have been a very interesting story otherwise.