Managing creative work requires a different approach. Because the goal cannot be determined precisely in advance, a project must proceed based on intuition, hypotheses, and guesses. This kind of approach is very familiar in the world of the military, where ambiguous, uncertain, volatile environments are the norm.
concept of operations is a way to say, "Given what we know today, here is how we think this system works, and here is how we plan to approach it." A concept of operations is a way to imagine a world.
A fuzzy goal is one that "motivates the general direction of the work, without blinding the team to opportunities along the journey."
Fuzzy goals must give a team a sense of direction and purpose while leaving team members free to follow their intuition. What is the optimal level of fuzziness? To define a fuzzy goal you need a certain amount of ESP: fuzzy goals are Emotional, Sensory, and Progressive.