with the Greek word ginesthoi, meaning, “Let it be done.”) Classical
Note: Only 1 word of hers survived history. And it may not be wholly hers.
distinct political purpose, perhaps best described as “boasting made permanent.” There
Note: Love the description of hieroglyphics' purpose.
Nor is he in evidence on her coins; Cleopatra’s commanding portrait appears alone. Coinage qualifies as a kind of language, too. It is the only one in which she speaks to us in her own voice, without Roman interpreters. This was how she presented herself to her subjects.
Note: Cleopatra presented herself alone on coinage-coinage was her direct communication to the people and it showed her ambition.
perfumes on banqueters’ crowns as musicians played or storytellers performed. Fragrance
Note: The fragrance of roses was thought to prevent intoxication. Also lists types of perfumes.