I am convinced that integrating exercise into those 8 hours at work or school will not make us smarter. It will only make us normal.
Note: would be fun
Treadmills in the classroom might harness the valuable advantages of increasing the oxygen supply naturally and at the same time harvest all the other advantages of regular exercise.
Note: interesting idea!
I put a treadmill in my own office, and I now take regular breaks filled not with coffee but with exercise. I even constructed a small structure upon which my laptop fits so I can write email while I exercise.
Note: sounds like a healthy workplace setup!
Electricity crackles through these moving neurons at a blinding 250 miles per hour, some quite near us, with clouds of neurotransmitters filling the spaces between the trunks as the electric current passes by. What we should do now is take off our shoes and bow low in the submarine, for we are on Holy Neural Ground. What we are observing is the process of the human brain learning.
Note: quite interesting!