There are two ways to beat the cruelty of the environment: You can become stronger or you can become smarter. We chose the latter.
Note: Reading "Brain Rules"--discovered for me by my PLN. Thrilling.
Our brain can behold a symbolic object as real all by itself and yet, simultaneously, also representing something else. Maybe somethings else. DeLoache calls it Dual Representational Theory. Stated formally, it describes our ability to attribute characteristics and meanings to things that don’t actually possess them. Stated informally, we can make things up that aren’t there. We are human because we can fantasize.
Note: Dual Representation Theory. "We are human because we can fantasize." #vtnmsf11
There is an unbroken intellectual line between symbolic reasoning and the ability to create culture. And no other creature is capable of doing it.
Note: A home truth and a meta-awareness, hidden in plain sight.
The change was enough to shake us out of our comfortable trees, but it wasn’t enough to kill us when we landed.
Note: This guy writes dazzlingly well.