Your lifetime risk for general dementia is literally cut in half if you participate in leisure-time physical activity. Aerobic exercise seems to be the key. With Alzheimer’s, the effect is even greater: Such exercise lowers your odds of getting the disease by more than 60 percent.
That’s why exercise improves the performance of most human functions. You stabilize existing transportation structures and add new ones, just like McAdam’s roads. All of a sudden, you are becoming healthier.
I am convinced that integrating exercise into those 8 hours at work or school will not make us smarter. It will only make us normal.
The idea of integrating exercise into the workday may sound foreign, but it’s not difficult. I put a treadmill in my own office, and I now take regular breaks filled not with coffee but with exercise. I even constructed a small structure upon which my laptop fits so I can write email while I exercise. At first, it was difficult to adapt to such a strange hybrid activity. It took a whopping 15 minutes to become fully functional typing on my laptop while walking 1.8 miles per hour.