‘Just when you get over the loneliness,’ he thought, ‘you realise you are left with the grief.’
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A man without a wife can be lonely in a big black Mercedes, no matter how many readers he has.
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They had furnished their apartment in the style of Biedermeier. Libor’s taste not Malkie’s (though Malkie had Biedermeier blood in her veins), but she had humoured the aspiring European petit bourgeois in him. ‘Reminds me of our escritoire,’ she would tell him. ‘It responds in the same way to a good buffing.’
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‘I obeyed my father. Doesn’t that prove something? I respected his wishes.’ ‘Obeying your father doesn’t make you a Jew. Obeying your mother would make you more of one. While your father’s not wanting you to play the violin almost certainly makes him not a Jew. If there’s one thing all Jewish fathers agree on –’ ‘Sam would say that’s stereotyping. And you leave out the possibility that my father didn’t want me to play the violin for the reason that he didn’t want me to be like him.’ ‘He was a violinist?’ ‘Yes. Like you. See?’ ‘And why wouldn’t he have wanted...
Note: I never played the violin either ....