To the memory of three dear friends, great givers of laughter   Terry Collits (1940–2009)   Tony Errington (1944–2009)   Graham Rees (1944–2009)     Who now will set the table on a roar?
People who see what’s coming have faulty chronology, that is all.
as though time had concertinaed,
There was something exquisite to Treslove in the presentiment of a woman he loved expiring in his arms. On occasions he died in hers, but her dying in his was better. It was how he knew he was in love: no presentiment of her expiry, no proposal. That was the poetry of his life. In reality it had all been women accusing him of stifling their creativity and walking out on him. In reality there had even been children. But beyond the reality something beckoned.