what he said was maintained as an oral tradition. Those who heard the teachings
Note: so there was never a book written
The Pāli Canon is one of the earliest of these written records and the only complete early version that has survived intact.
Note: the pali canon is like the buddhist bible
Within the Pāli Canon, the texts known as the Nikāyas have the special value of being a single cohesive collection of the Buddha’s teachings in his own words.
Note: important note on nikayas
Although the Pāli Canon belongs to a particular Buddhist school—the Theravāda, or School of the Elders—the suttas are by no means exclusively Theravāda Buddhist texts. They stem from the earliest period of Buddhist literary history, a period lasting roughly a hundred years after the Buddha’s death, before the original Buddhist community divided into different schools. The Pāli
Note: important note on the importqance of the pali canon