The writers for the humor publication the Onion, known for its hilarious headlines, propose roughly six hundred possibilities for eighteen
Bill Gates, for one, doesn’t have enough expertise or insight about the problems the Gates Foundation is trying to solve in different parts of the world to know up front where their money will have the greatest impact. He must learn from hundreds of experiments in order to strategize about and prioritize his resources. One of his favorite experiments in philanthropy has been bed nets that prevent malaria. About two million people die from malaria each year, but ten-dollar bed nets that people wear over their bodies as they sleep to prevent being bitten by malaria-carrying mosquitoes have proven...
Experiment: Learn by doing. Fail quickly to learn fast. Develop experiments and prototypes to gather insights, identify problems, and build up to creative ideas, like Beethoven did in order to discover new musical styles and forms.
“Design is a methodology for applying critical and creative thinking to understand, visualize, and describe complex, ill-structured problems and develop approaches to solve them.”