Anything which is created must, sooner or later, die. If enlightenment were created in such a way, there would always be the possibility of ego reasserting itself, causing a return to the confused state. Enlightenment is permanent because we have not produced it; we have merely discovered it.
If you are not involved with materialism, either spiritually or physically, then there is no emphasis made on any extreme.
No one can really change your personality absolutely. No one can turn you completely upside down and inside out. The existing material, that which is already there, must be used. You must accept yourself as you are, instead of as you would like to be, which means giving up self-deception and wishful thinking. Your whole makeup and personality characteristics must be recognized, accepted, and then you might find some inspiration.
Because you do not want anything from the situation, you are free to act in the way genuinely appropriate to it.
Note: freedom is possible only in absense of want.