I was standing by Led Zeppelin’s shiny black limo, smoothing my
Note: I love this imagery. It's so unessacary and completely sexual.
Gail Zappa
Note: This chapter is the most interesting so far, in that Gail Zappa doesn't nessacarily discuss sexual encounters so much as explain how her and Frank Zappa's marriage was able to function. Which was that she excluded him purposely from many of the mundane things in life. I wonder if this is how most creative relationships tend to work?
How did Gail deal with that niggling little detail? “Well everyone had groupies. I mean, you couldn’t get around them. There are certain aspects that were not easy and not fun, and it’s not like you could be consoled or cry on his shoulder over it. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Note: This is an interesting comment. In that she alludes not only to Zappa fucking around, but also her distaste of that, but she knew what she signed up for at the same time.
champagne-glass titties ready
Note: Anyone know what these actually look like? I think a google image search might be in order.