Jesus’ words screamed like a big neon sign, pointing out a route that I had failed to notice as I tried to keep up with the convoy of normalcy.
Haven’t you noticed how weird Christians can be? You know what I’m talking about. That late-night, low-budget, cable-access Christian television weird. Not just big hair (being from Oklahoma, I’m used to that) but also big purple hair. Pronouncing Jesus with the violent inflection of a carnival barker: “Jeee-zuss! Be healed in the name of Jeee-zuss!” Wearing suits in cartoon-character colors and promising God’s blessing in exchange for a monthly “contribution.”
What if the Bible is talking about a different-than-what-everyone-else-does, good type of Jesus weird?
In churches, normal is lukewarm Christianity, self-centered spiritual consumerism, and shallow, me-driven faith.