working late and taking work home, it’s one or the other.
Note: we call it sin when a person refularly overeats. yet we call it spiritual when someone overloads their time to an unhealthy position.
Visiting a small settlement in a developing country last year, I was struck by the way one of the villagers shared his knowledge of the world beyond his homeland. Since more than half the world lives on less money than most Americans pay for cable TV, you can only imagine how they might describe us. Many would likely say, “There are some people who are so rich, they own a car! It’s not a lot of people, of course. I read it’s only 3 to 5 percent of people in the world who own a car. But some people in the world are so rich, they have two cars! Some of these people even have a house for their...
I know some people who are doing so well at managing their resources that not only are they doing fine not relying on God, but also they’ve made sure their kids will never have to depend on him either. They have insurance, health care, retirement, and plenty of other safety nets. It’s the norm, right? Having these things isn’t bad and can be very wise, but they often impede our ability to trust God with our needs.
the narcissistic god we often craft in our own image. Jesus
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