the more I read the Bible, the more it felt like God was starting to speak to me. Each day I read something that seemed especially personal and timely—words of encouragement or conviction or forgiveness. Gradually my heart started to warm toward God. Maybe he was real after all. Experiencing his voice through Scripture, I sensed he was gently drawing me, calling me, pulling me.
There aren’t enough hours in the day to buy, sell, drive, cook, clean, call, shop, eat, plan, study, write, review, schedule, and follow through on everything. Overwhelmed, overloaded, and exhausted, everybody talks about wanting more time, but only to “catch up” on what they’re already doing — rushing, planning, worrying, and rushing some more. Families suffer.
Normal is busy and getting busier.
But some people in the world are so rich, they have two cars! Some of these people even have a house for their cars! It’s called a garage, and it’s like a little house to protect their cars from the elements! You know what else they do? These rich people, they get in their cars, and they drive past twenty or more food places — they call them restaurants — and they’re so rich that they pay other people to make their food and serve it to them! That’s how rich they are. “Some of these rich people eat so much food in so many restaurants that they get fat but keep eating more and more....
Note: Pretty funny but oh too true.