The catalytic power of the church is limited primarily to the first two movements of spiritual growth
number one goal for their congregants is to help them grow into followers of Jesus Christ.
Note: Individualistic?
those who are underresourced on a regular basis. Invite friends, coworkers, and family to church, special events, support groups, etc. When the church incessantly promotes all the things people should do, it’s very easy for them to lose sight of the real goal—which is who they should become. Of course, describing who they should become reverts back to the relatively easy part of this equation: they should move away from being self-centered and move toward becoming Christ-Centered.
Note: Become not do
Take church members to God’s Word whenever they come to you about any question, issue, or problem. Our first question in all circumstances should be, “What does God’s Word say about that?” This might seem a daunting proposition
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