The psychoactive drugs of my people are transcendent and sublime, while those of yours are base, crude, and sinful. My drugs give me wisdom and foster creativity and spiritual insight; yours are merely feeble crutches that reveal your lack of fortitude and willpower. They transform you into a lazy and repulsive creature. They make you behave like a beast.
Note: ? Who said this ?
Across cultures and over thousands of years of human history, people have consistently found ways to alter the function of their brains, while cultural enforcers such as governments and religious institutions have sometimes, but not always, sought to regulate the use of these substances.
Note: Just so interesting. Why? What am I missing? Or is my assumption correct. G-d help us all if it is.
Stimulants generally have positive effects on mood, but can sometimes cause anxiety and agitation.
Note: Must use with a regular routine of exercise and yoga to reduce the side effects. Also a diet very high in vitamins and minerals is essential.
While a certain drug will always have the same chemical action, that action is influenced by one’s ongoing brain state in ways that can modulate its effects.
Note: Very true. Your mental state plays a major role in how the drug affects you