medial forebrain pleasure circuit.
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Provocatively, such persistent changes appear to be nearly identical to experience-and learning-driven changes in neural circuitry that are used to store memories in other brain regions. In this way, memory, pleasure, and addiction are closely intertwined.
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The recycled dopamine is then repackaged into storage vesicles to be released again later. This means that drugs that block dopamine transporters will augment and extend the natural action of dopamine on the dopamine receptors of the target neurons, producing a more intense and longer-lasting signal.
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The psychoactive drugs of my people are transcendent and sublime, while those of yours are base, crude, and sinful. My drugs give me wisdom and foster creativity and spiritual insight; yours are merely feeble crutches that reveal your lack of fortitude and willpower. They transform you into a lazy and repulsive creature. They make you behave like a beast.
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