comparative study makes it clear that higher animals have minds of a sort, and evolutionary fact and logic demand that minds should have evolved gradually as well as bodies and that accordingly mind-like (or 'mentoid', to employ a barbarous word that I am driven to coin because of its usefulness) properties must be present throughout the universe. Thus, in any case, we must infer the presence of potential mind in all material systems, by backward extrapolation from the human phase to the biological, and from the biological to the inorganic.
idea will encounter idea, and the result will be an organised web of thought, a noetic system operating under high tension, a piece of evolutionary machinery capable of generating high psychosocial energy.
Note: "web of thought" is similar to Bohm's "Thought as a System"
Object and subject many and mutually — transform each other in the act of knowledge; and from now on man willy-nilly finds his own image stamped on all he looks at.
I do not pretend to describe them as they really were, but rather as we must picture them to ourselves so that the world may be true for us at this moment.