Through the knuckle-rapping pains of experience, we absorb knowledge in a tangible, useful way, not simply learning how things are done but how to do them—and then, how to do them better. If we’re paying attention, then before long, we start trying to innovate; we break down walls and change our piece of the world while we’re at it. We become not just smart—that and a quarter will buy you a gumball—but competent. And if there’s one thing geeks strive for, it’s to be more capable than the norm. Thus, we wax.
Note: Thus, we wax.
Being a know-it-all isn’t smart; it’s a sign of closed-mindedness.
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“FEAR LEADS TO ANGER; ANGER LEADS TO HATE; HATE LEADS TO SUFFERING.” —YODA, THE PHANTOM MENACE YODA was paraphrasing the first great African American geek, George Washington Carver, who said a century ago: “Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.” Carver, a scientist plying his trade in a time when the intellectual inferiority of black people was simply assumed, knew something about suffering.
Note: The places you find things to ponder.
Bravery is in living well regardless of your circumstances.
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