Winners focus on the outcome, not just the process. They measurably prove they can lead you to better results. For example, they emphasize “wellness,” not “health care.” Why? Health care is the means; wellness is the end. Health care is a distant, impersonal bureaucratic system; wellness is a personal, aspirational state of being.
Note: "Winners focus on the outcome, not just the process." - Frank Luntz
George Bernard Shaw once said, “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’
Note: Why not? Haha, our campaign from our advertising class!
Many assume, incorrectly, that perfectionism is simply never being satisfied with what you’re doing. But there’s more to the story. Rarely will you find a perfectionist—an eccentric artist, a diligent writer, a world-renowned musician, a savvy businesswoman, an energized campaign volunteer—who goes around saying, “Yeah, that’s good enough.” For these people, the words good and enough never appear in the same sentence. Anyone can criticize something, or say that others’ work isn’t good enough, or go around nitpicking the work that everyone else does. And from time to time, these...
Note: Perfectionism is the path to excellence.
Winners understand they need other people to get where they want to go. They understand they don’t know everything. They understand, even if they’d never admit it, they’re probably not the smartest person in every room. But, most important, they understand that a whole is often greater than the sum of its parts.
Note: Winners understand the power of partnerships.