Work / life balance is a false dichotomy; compartmentalization is not sustainable.
Note: don't get elements of your life to compete, have them cooperating so you can effectively live #in
We don’t dare drive without watching the road or checking our gauges, but oddly enough we manage our work blindly all the time.
Note: VISUALIZE your tasks #in
We expect real-time information from our cars, our phones, and even our kitchen appliances. We should demand no less from our work.
Note: expect real-time information from your work #in
Capacity is an ineffective measure of throughput, and a horrible way to gauge what we can do. It doesn’t measure how we actually work, or at what rate we actually work. Capacity is merely a brute force measure of what will fit. Like traffic, work does not fit. Work flows.
Note: capacity is not a sinonym for throughput #in