It belongs on the bookshelves, Kindles and iPads of every student of healthy personal and professional productivity.
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We are told to do work, but seldom understand why. We crave and deserve context. Without context, being told what to do is a communication failure. We cannot make informed decisions or create a quality product without first understanding why we are doing what we are doing. Lack of context creates waste, resulting in long work days, poor planning, and the inability to keep commitments outside the office.
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Resident of the 21st Century, consider:
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     Your boss wants you to finish that report.      Your accountant wants you to file your taxes.      Your friends want you to show up for tee time.      Your garden wants you to prune the hydrangea.      Your daughter wants you to attend her recital.      Your father wants you to call your mother. It’s been two weeks, you know.      Your bathroom wants you to re-caulk the tub.      Your spouse wants you to just be present.
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