Buying and selling is good and necessary; it is very necessary, and may, possibly, be very good; but it cannot be the noblest work of man; and let us hope that it may not in our time be esteemed the noblest work of an Englishman.
Note: Trollope sort of nails it here.
Whether or not I can atone for these faults by straightforward, simple, plain story-telling--that, indeed, is very doubtful.
Note: Artiface? Or endearing candor and true humility? Makes me curious to read a biography of Trollope.
"It cannot be helped. Things will all come right in time."
Note: I hope Trollope's Mary Thorne has this right.
"I don't know, uncle; you are so mysterious, and I am in such a twitter, that I don't know what to do. Why is Mr Gresham coming here--that is, the squire?"
Note: Trollope's heroine, Mary Thorne, finds herself in a twitter...