First, we have lost our faith in the power of the gospel to change a life.
First, there is the gospel story, the overarching grand narrative found in the Scriptures.
Christians say Sunday is the first day of the week. It’s the day Jesus came back from the grave. It’s the day we gather to worship the risen Christ. It’s the day we show our kids that we belong to the King. We are shaped by our confession, and that confession is expressed in our calendar.
Note: Sunday shows your priority.
One reason that we need the gospel community too often goes unmentioned. I need the church in order to be prepared for the day of judgment. It is frightening to think that I would allow myself to be the sole judge of my spiritual condition here on earth. I know how easily I deceive myself. Am I so bold as to say I am the best judge of my spiritual character? No, I need the church to affirm my faith in Christ, to assure me when I doubt, and to lovingly rebuke me when I err. Judgment day is coming!
Note: We need the church because we deceive ourselves.