“Mm, still warm,” I say. He must have been at the bakery at the crack of dawn to trade for it. “What did it cost you?” “Just a squirrel. Think the old man was feeling sentimental this morning,” says Gale. “Even wished me luck.” “Well, we all feel a little closer today, don’t we?” I say, not even bothering to roll my eyes. “Prim left us a cheese.” I pull it out.
Note: Feeling sentimental because it's Prim's first reaping, and he's secretly her daughter? I don't feel like the mention of Prim directly afterwards is entirely coincidental.
It makes me jealous but not for the reason people would think.
Note: I know that feel, bro
I’ve listened to him rant about how the tesserae are just another tool to cause misery in our district. A way to plant hatred between the starving workers of the Seam and those who can generally count on supper and thereby ensure we will never trust one another. “It’s to the Capitol’s advantage to have us divided among ourselves,” he might say if there were no ears to hear but mine.
Note: This is a very good point. The Capitol's causing unrest in the Districts by enabling a caste system is very manipulative.
District 12’s population of about eight thousand.
Note: How much land would you need to provide a home to eight thousand people?