we’ve learned that when we seek community, we may or may not end up finding it. But whenever we lock our arms together for the sake of mission, we inevitably find community with those we serve with.
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Believing is not just a matter of knowing. “Believing is also a matter of doing. Believing is trusting that Jesus’ way of living is the right way, and trusting it enough that one is willing to live that way — and die that way.”13
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Andrew (Hamo) Hamilton shared on his Backyard Missionary blog a post from W. David Phillips, author of Holy Rewired, on different ways to measure success. He titled it, Re-Imagining Success. “We are prone to measure success by how many and how much. And we determine who is a great leader by how many and how much.”7 He was challenged to provide metaphors that will describe how we measure success in the church in the future. I thought it appropriate to share a few: 1. The number of adoptions people in the church have made 2. The number of classes for special needs children and adults 3. The...
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So few of us live in peace. We have such a desire to prove ourselves that we’re constantly striving for the next thing we can do for God. Whether in ministry or life, this can become a chasing after the wind. If God does not require something of us, why do we require it of ourselves? If God considers us at peace with him, then why are we not at peace with ourselves?
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