event, an event that is always double: to cut-to be cut.
Note: actualizing a capacity is like collapsing a probability wave. It's not obsevation that matters, it is events.
This implies that topological facts about possibility spaces can be discovered without reference to the nature of the degrees of freedom, only to their number, and without reference to the nature of the gradient (thermal, gravitational, mechanical, chemical) only to its existence." But the fact that the existence of a gradient, any gradient, is necessary confirms the immanent status of singularities.
Note: I think you only need to refer to the size of the gradient, not its existence. So the argument for immanence isn't quite compelling. Don't forget this guy is dogmatically anti-transcendental.
Conceivably we could replace human skills by an impersonal evolutionary process to discover and assemble the engineered patterns but that would still not justify the assertion that class IV rules by themselves imply the emergence of complex automata.
Note: I hope he's going to close this hole for the insertion of an argument for Intelligent Design.
In this way an autocatalytic loop may spontaneously form and then grow. The closure of such a cooperative network of catalysts would endow it with stability against disruption by perturbations and allow it to concentrate the resources needed for growth (amino acids, short polymers) into itself.
Note: See Kaufmann. Investigations. Origins of Order.