Of course, the father is not really trying to demonstrate his best moral reasoning. Moral reasoning is usually done to influence other people (see chapter 4), and what the father is trying to do is get his curious son to feel the right emotions—disgust and fear—to motivate appropriate bathroom behavior.
Note: Right Emotions - that may be a key ingredient. People are changed in college not because the arguments are better (they in fact are not), but because of the shame heaped upon people with “incorrect” viewpoints.
In one of the most bizarre demonstrations of this effect, Eric Helzer and David Pizarro asked students at Cornell University to fill out surveys about their political attitudes while standing near (or far from) a hand sanitizer dispenser. Those told to stand near the sanitizer became temporarily more conservative.27
Note: Whoa. Cleaning products make you conservative? (not really)
I could not understand how any thinking person would voluntarily embrace the party of evil, and so I and my fellow liberals looked for psychological explanations of conservatism, but not liberalism.
Note: Confirmation bias at work.
The human mind is a story processor, not a logic processor. Everyone loves a good story; every culture bathes its children in stories.
Note: So the creative role may be more important than you realize.