RescueTime will tell give you a percentile ranking of your productivity—or your aimless Web surfing—in relation to the average user.
Note: they should be comparing you to a similar user, not the average user
But the most enthusiastic walkers were the ones who shared each day’s tally with a few friends. They were applying a sound psychological principle that was demonstrated in some of Baumeister’s earliest experiments, long before he got involved in studying self-control: Public information has more impact than private information. People care more about what other people know about them than about what they know about themselves.
Note: For those people who don't like making their information public, why not sync them up with the similar user, but make them anonymous, so that people they know don't have to know, but they can still be pushed by the anonymous mate that they create a connection with over time. Further, maybe the anonymous user is just a worker from, say, adorant, who's responsibility it is to encourage someone.
Stanley, chronically insecure about his workhouse roots, apparently invented the line afterward to make himself sound dignified.
Note: Is this my life story?
At some level, teenagers know they need help. That’s one reason they buy millions of copies of the Twilight novels, in which Edward the vampire and Bella the teenager know that she will lose her humanity, and probably her life, if they consummate their love. Thus they struggle:
Note: Something to keep in mind regarding teens