Lizzy didn’t want anyone looking up to her, counting on her, confiding in her, because sooner or later that person might really need her, and then what the hell would she do? She’d feel guilty, that’s what. And feeling guilty was right up there with always being cold. And afraid. It sucked.
Note: I'm loving Lizzy Gardner, @theresaragan 's complex & compelling PI heroine in Abducted.
Jared looked into Lizzy’s eyes and realized he needed her, too.
Note: This is getting pretty romancey.
“I’ll contact the media and send him a message of my own.”
Note: Good build of suspense at end of chapter.
During the winter months, fishermen could be seen in the water, elbow-to-elbow in their cuffs and vests as they waited for salmon to catch their line.
Note: Where does this story take place?