For every complicated problem there is a solution that is simple, direct, understandable and wrong. HL Mencken
All of these drugs make billions and billions of dollars of profit for their companies.
At first, doctors weren’t that keen on statins. Many of them didn’t believe in the cholesterol hypothesis, and were far from certain that lowering cholesterol levels would do much good.
Here are the facts that I hope to convince you are true: 1: A high-fat diet, saturated or otherwise, has no impact on blood cholesterol levels. 2: Fact one is unimportant, because… 3: High cholesterol levels don’t cause heart disease anyway (the second part of the cholesterol hypothesis is wrong). 4: Statins do not protect against heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels – they work in another way. 5: The protection provided by statins is so small as to be not worth bothering about for most people (and all women). The reality is that the benefits have been hyped beyond belief. 6: Statins...