Tech is power. It enables us to do things that would have been magic or science fiction just a few years ago. I can make my own radio show in my spare room in Nicholasville, KY. After some preparation, I can send it anywhere in the world, or rather people from all over the world can listen to it almost immediately.
The same technology that teaches terrorists to build bombs or shows teenage boys porn can be used to bring about positive change in a life.
Like the elementary school kid whose athletic prowess is under-appreciated, podcasting steps up and waves its arms wildly screaming "pick me, pick me." A podcast can be embedded in a website like live content or flash videos, but can be downloaded when your connection is stable to be enjoyed whenever and wherever you want.
What if instead of a yearly report, your pastor made a Skype call to him/her and asked what was going on, what current needs are, how we can pray? Wouldn't that show you that the money really is important? Wouldn't you celebrate the triumphs and mourn the losses even more than a yearly slide show?