Christianity is not just an experience, we need to remember, but it is about truth. The experience of being reconciled to the Father, through the Son, by the work of the Holy Spirit all happens within a worldview. This worldview is the way God has taught us in his Word to view the world. That is why the Bible begins with Genesis 1:1 and not with John 3:16.1
The greatest need of the church today is a strategic, full-orbed, robust, biblical grasp of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its transformative implications. We don’t need more glitz or glamour, better marketing or programs, snazzier décor or entertainment. We do need a whole-Bible grasp of the Gospel.
The longer I study the Bible, the more I realize how crucial, pivotal, and packed its first three chapters are. Though terse, those pregnant passages convey an intense concentration of foundational revelation that is breathtaking in its depth and scope. It is here that we first encounter the truth of God, His nature, His word, His creation, and His plan for all the ages.
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I take it that the tree was a sort of dark sacrament, if I may turn the phrase thus. As the bread and wine bring the blessing of Christ’s presence to the Christian when partaken in faith, so the fruit of this tree would bring cursing to the man, when eaten in the only way possible—in unbelief. It was no more magical or physically enhanced than the bread and juice of Communion, but as an object of testing the fruit sealed Adam’s unbelieving