In fact, you could make a better case that the world has turned the church upside down.
Paul did two things:   1.  He found people, and 2.  He preached Christ to them.
We should preach Christ, not moral reform programs. We should never preach a message that sounds like our hearers need to clean up their acts so that Christ can save them.
Note: This is what Finney preached. "Be good" is not the gospel!
What if my studying made me proud and arrogant? Here’s the sad truth: It did! But that’s not all. Not studying would have had the same effect. I still would have been proud, but I’d have been ignorant and ill-equipped to boot. In fact, I have learned this pathetic truth about pride: It can live and thrive on nothing. My pride is the ultimate “air plant.” Swerve to avoid some good thing for fear of pride, and your avoidance will blow you up like a blimp. Avoiding activities that might make me proud is a prescription for avoiding anything, period, because anything and nothing can make...
Note: Pride is dangerous. Whether I am proud of what I DO or what I AVOID doing, it is still sin.