Whatever you can say they are doing, you can’t say evangelicals are turning the world upside down. In fact, you could make a better case that the world has turned the church upside down.
Note: I like this already.
Lodo’s Jesus holds out most of the makings of a nice big yummy Salvation Pie, but it’s not really a pie until Lodo puts the “decision cherry” on the top, or the “faith sprinkles.” Jesus is really a great help. He did a lot, all the heavy lifting and big stuff; but it’s still nothing until Lodo does his part. Jesus helps Lodo—but Lodo helps Jesus, too. In fact, without Lodo’s help, nothing happens. So, without in any way meaning to, Lodo has Jesus as Cosigner instead of Savior.
Note: A synergistic salvation pie complete with "faith sprinkles"
The Bible is absolutely emphatic about the fact that we will not find the truth by ourselves, within ourselves. We cannot diagnose ourselves. One telling statement is found in Jeremiah 17:9—“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?”