Still others are reluctant captives who would love to break out and live boldly for God’s glory. But they have been fed a line of bad teaching that has convinced them that they dare do no such thing.
The person is Jesus Christ. Wherever they went, the apostles and early believers made the Lord Jesus Christ the issue.
Note: Good details on Jesus in Acts.
   If nothing has shifted—if we basically look, see, perceive, reason, love, and live exactly like others to whom Jesus is not Lord—then there has been no repentance. “Jesus is Lord” is at best an opinion, not a conviction. We have not repented. We are not Christians. We have no relationship with Christ, and no right to hope for forgiveness or life or heaven or any other blessing that is found in Christ alone. We have no vital, saving faith. Clearly, then, it becomes essential that we understand the third component always present in justification: faith.
Note: Life must be different after acceptance. Otherwise no conversion exists.
God moves first, then we move in response.
Note: 2011-12-18 - God moves first and we respond. So our openness to response is critical. We could ignore Him.