One of our fundamental misunderstandings of spiritual maturity is thinking that it should result in self-sufficiency. It’s the exact opposite. The goal isn’t independence; the goal is codependence on God. Our desire for self-sufficiency is a subtle expression of our sinful nature. It’s a desire to get to a place where we don’t need God, don’t need faith, and don’t need to pray. We want God to provide more so we need Him less.
Note: Beautiful … yet we labor so hard to provide for our own future. Don't give me a balance statement here or insert your human "but" …
The reason God doesn’t answer our prayers isn’t that we aren’t praying hard enough; the reason, more often than not, is that we aren’t willing to work hard enough. Praying hard is synonymous with working hard.
Note: Not sure if I believe this or not … where are the Isaiah 40:31 & Matthew 11:28-30 scenarios?
desperately needed a drummer
Note: ?? … of course … how can we have church without a drummer?
priests to not just look toward the sea but to step into the river.
Note: The answer to the prayer … the action part was something very specific. So the hard work that goes with hard praying, needs to be a matter of God's direction as well.