When rain is plentiful, it’s an afterthought. During a drought, it’s the only thought.
Note: I think we can relate...
Sometimes the power of prayer is the power to carry on. It doesn’t always change your circumstances, but it gives you the strength to walk through them.
Note: True...
Praying hard is praying through. And if you pray through, God will come through. But it will be God’s will, God’s way.
Note: Praying like it depends on God...working like it depends on you.
If you can trust God when the answer is no, you’re likely to give Him praise when the answer is yes. You need to press in and press on. By definition, praying hard is praying when it’s hard to pray. And it’s the hard times that teach us to pray hard. But if you keep praying through, the peace that transcends understanding will guard your heart and your mind.
Note: This is good.