"You're looking at my searches and email?"
Note: If some dickhead at DHS wants to poke around in the 8,000+ spam emails in my Hotmail in-box, you're more than welcome. Just don't CHANGE MY PASSWORD you snooping brown-nosed fuckers!
"But the ads don't mean anything -- I get ads for Ann Coulter ringtones whenever I get email from my friend who lives in Coulter, Iowa!"
Note: This has happened to me before too! HILARIOUS!
"Jet Fuel" and "Launch" -- that'd probably make Google barf up model rocket ads.
Note: Go ahead and try it out for yourself! ::grin::
Greg stood up. "I'm not going to find Maya for you." He pulled on his jacket. "There are plenty of people here who will.
Note: I like this character Greg. I hope Cory uses him again in a few more short stories.