this book go back to a cas­u­al lunch on the Stan­ford cam­pus–Thai food eaten out­doors, a sunny and pleas­ant af­ter­noon–in Feb­ru­ary 1996. Mi­chael
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In­ter­net tech­no­logy and pro­to­cols as the basis for busi­ness ap­plic­a­tions. In 1996, Nets­cape was an early mover in in­tranet soft­ware. These “in­tern­al In­ter­net” sys­tems use “open” (i.e., not con­trolled by any one com­pany) In­ter­net stand­ards and browser tech­no­logy to sup­port ap­plic­a­tions such as elec­tron­ic mail and in­form­a­tion shar­ing be­hind a cor­por­ate “fire­wall.”
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